Friday, 26 December 2008

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...

So i've spent my Christmas night watching Transformers....its such a great movie and no matter how many times i've watched wont bored me...

I know its a bit of out-dated but who cares? Uuuhhh...i so love this...every time i hear this, my tears rolling in my eyes..

Jazz: "What about Bumblebee? What can't just leave him to die! And become some human experiment!"
Optimus Prime: He'll die in vain if we don't accomplish our mission. Bumblebee is a brave soldier. This is what he would want.
Ironhide: "Why are we fighting to save the humans? They're a primitive and violent race."
Optimus Prime: "Were we so different? They are a young species. They have much to learn... but I've seen goodness in them. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...... You all know there is only one way to end this war: We must destroy the Cube. If all else fails, I will unite it with the spark in my chest."
Ratchet: "That's suicide! The Cube is raw power—it could destroy you both."
Optimus Prime: "A necessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet... We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes. It's been an honor serving with you all. Autobots, roll out!"

—The Autobots discussing their next move

I want my freedom too and i deserve it i'll be heading to Phuket, Phi Phi Island & search of freedom...

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Its a shoe shopping spree~~

I must have been crazy about shoes less than 1 month period..i've got myself 3 pairs of different types of shoes...Btw, i only have a pair of legs

Timberland hiking shoe - expensive and its causing bruises at this stage

Reebok running shoe - purposely bought this for marathon...but i have no idea when is my next marathon

Rock Pillars climbing shoe - thanks to Nomad Christmas sale which left me no excuse not to get myself a pair or climbing shoe + harness
(p/s thanks to uncle soo generously let me wear his shoe all this while :P)

Guess how much total damage? ==> close to 4 figures!

The Merry Makan Gang (MMG) Melaka Food Trail

Honorable MMG team members:-
Ramund Lai (RL) - driver 1 + makan captain
Peggy Yap (PY) - driver 2 + photographer 1 + shopper
Jessie Tang (JT) - planner + navigator + shopper
Ang Siew Lin (ASL) - honorable treasurer + shopper
Winnine Chai (WC) - shopper
Myself (AC) - photograher 2

23 November 2008
8.30am - kick start food trail with cuppa 'nung nung' de kopi @ KopiKaul, Puchong
RL: Less is more ya! Eat a little of many many food, glorious food
ASL: I'll just have porridge, meehoon & toast bread
RL: Good choice, I'll mirror your order
PY: Am not a breakfast person, will just have 2 half boiled eggs, kopi o & toast bread
WC: The meehoon here is nice, 1 is not enuff, lets order 2
JT: I want peanut butter bread
AC: aiyar, i want to eat everything la~~
Breakfast starts at 8.20am & ends at 9.15am

Food stop#2: Mission starts at 12.07pm & ends at 12.26pm

12.07pm - queue-ing for Po Po Chicken Rice

Po Po Chicken Rice

Yum yum! can fight with Ipoh Chicken Rice

Food stop#3 - Jonker Street @ 1.20pm

cockles a.k.a.'see ham'

PY: wow! this is the best chendol durian ever!
cendol biasa ala Melaka

century egg a.k.a. pei tan

Mission accomplished by 1.46pm (19mins to devour 9 bowls od cendols/ABC and etcs)

Food stop#4 - Coconut water stall @ 3.02pm

PY demonstrating her sucking skill
MMG stop to purchase pineapple tarts for the dept

Freshly made pineapple tart, one of the must-buy

Food stop#5 - Satay Celup @ 3.20pm - 4.05pm

Food stop#7 - Satay Babi ala Hainan @ 4.10pm

Stop#8 - Eye of Malaysia @ 4.55pm

most of us were very excited to visit Eye of Malaysia @ Melaka, as we didnt get a chance to visit while it was stationed at KL...

At night, we went for typical Nyonya pictures capture as all were tired. After dinner, we went sightseeing Melaka night view at Taming Sari Tower near Pahlawan Mall.

Reached home at 1am+

Summary of the trip:- fun, full and tiring :)

Sunday, 7 December 2008

P.Weh Diving (24-28 Oct 2008)

Came back from my 1st oversea diving trip to P. Weh @ Acheh, Indonesia.

Been lazy and slack recently and by right should have already updated this blog 1.5 months ago!

I went with the heart to see whale shark and manta rays....and of coz came back empty handed coz its not the season...i'm just trying to be wishful. Many have asked me is there anything interesting in Weh....somehow i dunno how to answer. How do you define interesting? Different ppl have different standard and definition towards it though...

To me...seeing a yellow box fish in a dive can really excite me....i can stare at an ordinary octopus or minutes....even huge sea fans consider something interesting to about u?

OK...apparently there's some: -

1. underwater hot spring
-Its special coz u wont get it elsewhere....imagine u are soaking yourself in cool water and can feel the warm bubbles around you? and with fishes swimming around it? Its a new experience i would say....

2. volcano mud spa with wet suit + bikini top
-we really have fun digging the boiling volcanic mud from a hole and blow it cool so that we can apply it on our face & body. Also enjoyed helping each other to apply volcanic mud...
-too bad that to date i still havent get the photos captured in Rebecca's camera...else i've sure share with all :P

3. on board with a special 'VIP'
-the special 'VIP' i meant : VIP = corpse! How special could it be? We shared the same ferry from Banda Acheh to Pulau Weh. Luckily no smell detected.

4. get to see a boat that rest on top of a single storey house and surrounded by many houses nearby
-thats the post tsunami scene that u dont get to see it at like anywhere..