Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The fact of ASTROless!

I still can't accept it!

When i walk out seeing my neighbours' astro connection
When i driving pass mamak and see ppl wathing astro
When i switch on my tv....i only have 3 channels which my building centralised antenna can received...
When i am watching the lousy programme showed....i see snow flakes, the reception is bad!

I still can't accept it! Damn it!
My tv going to hybernate~~ damn it!

Friday, 16 April 2010

I think luck is at Atlantic Ocean..or I'm just a poor fella

Luck is not on my side recently...
  1. I'm left with no choice but to terminate my Astro subscription earlier than planned. Why? Simply becoz I'm just a poor fella staying in a cheapo apartment which doesn't provide centralise connection and we will need to install our individual satelite dish. And...also because the poor or rather no guidelines was given earlier; i was then informed by the management office that i need to 'move' my satelite dish. Heck, can you imagine you need to pull the cables from 15th floor up to 30th floor roof top? Considering my days are counted here, its just not worth it. And soon...for a person who doesn't read paper, doesn't listen to radio, doesn't read news - this person will be out of touch with the WORLD. And there borns another fruit flavoured FROG under the tempurung!
  2. Again, I'm left with no choice but to get a new lense for my camera. Why? well, some ppl got big bonus, unexpedtedly good bonus...not only upgrading car but also DSLR. Hence i'm required to return the lense i'm on loan all this while. Why using a borrowed lense all this while? Same answer - I'm a poor fella...well explained.
  3. Again & 5 years old laptop die-ed on me last night. My initial plan was to get a new lappie before i'm heading to Oze, but i was also hoping that my 5 years old 'friend' may be able to sustain me for another year or there scrap the plan. Looking at current situation, looks like i'm left with no choice again. I dont know a single soul in Oz....and this laptop will be my only 'companion' there....its a die die must buy situation.

I'm been asking myself, why now? why this time? why can't my account balance has just one (1) more ZERO?

sob sob................................

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mixed feelings~

Hi people! If you've been wondering whether the Fruit is still alive? Yes, she is and doing good! :)

On April Fool day, the Fruit played a fool - tendered her resignation.
Why? This is to make way to an exciting yet mind boggling Down Under Adventure.

When? Soon...4 months from today!

Realised that you'll have a heavy heart if you're flying on a one way ticket....
Cross road, mixed feelings...

Dunno what to expect and how to start...
Mean time - zzZzzzzzz first