Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'm such a lazy bump

Yeah...i'm still busy as described in my earlier post as early as July this year. Other than busy, i am getting even more lazy these days....

So what i have been doing? what happened to me in the past few months?

July & August - was madly working, everyday from 7am-9pm. Hard work paid least i managed to deliver a piece of 'baby' has borned. I'm a 'mother' now :P

September - even a more busy month but very happy month. Moved in to my new place. i'm occupying the whole apartment by myself now! Went Bangkok for a short weekend....makan makan & jalan jalan a bit. Besides Bangkok, also went to the vast Aussie land with family. Good relaxing trip it was...

October - its all about house warming & working.

so what's my plan next?
Nov - will be going Indonesia, to visit the volcanic mountain beauty - Mount Bromo
Dec - i consider this will be my first & last actual diving trip for the year. Will be going Pom Pom Island, off Tawau....gonna say goodbye to 2009 & hello to 2010 there :P

2009 so far --- has been eventful and fun filled for me :)

Bear with coming next post...will be a more 'meaty' one , i will spend more time to blog in future...

Monday, 13 July 2009

Yay...alive and still in existence...

It's been months that i didnt blog....

First of all, i am freaking busy with work and activities...
1. Came back from a trip to Hanoi in May but too lazy to blog it down
2. At the same time, cancelled a trip to Philipines due to work commitment..
3. Other than that, its just work and cycle...which i can recall...
4. Ran a 11km marathon but ffk in another half marathon...
5. Scheduled to delivered something but now got constipated...
6. Scheduled to move to a new place soon too...not sure its going to get constipated as well? God knows...

What am I looking forward in near future..
1. 160km Century Ride next Sunday....hope i can make a mark...
2. 2 trips in Sept....die die must go...
3. Moving to new place...die die must move...
4. Deliver my baby...die die mus deliver!!!

Lets just hope no more ditching plans...
Last but not favourite kayuh kakis

11 April 2009 - virgin ride with my roadie...made it to Janda was a lengthy 62km mostly uphill ride...

31 May 2009 - daring attempt from Gombak to Gothong Jaya...hell of a ride~~

5 July 2009 - claimed my CF 'Certificate of Fitness' , 41km ride @ Hulu Langat....durian on the way down....coolio~~

Sunday, 19 April 2009

How i spend my 24 hours

I mean work days...

14+ office hours
8+ home hours (inclusive of shower, Facebook & sleep)
1 hour for travelling

its been 2 months long more to go??

Sunday, 22 March 2009

An upgraded new toy~~~

2 months back, I've told myself that there will be only 1 new toy for 2009. And this was it -
Merida Matts 5-MD MTB

Well, i would say i still keeping that promise as i've sold off my earlier toy in exchange of this..

Merida Race 904-COM

Cost me dearly....but i'm so happy to have this..its gonna be a whole new experince to move around with my 2 new wheels

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fraser Hill climb~~

14 March 2009 - another day to remember. Without knowing what am i getting myself into..i've joined the gang for an uphill ride. From Kuala Kubu Bahru to Fraser Hill.
First, Danny said we will just ride to the 'Gap'...

Finally...i've made it to the 'Gap' though its kinda slow...half dead!

When i reached the Gap, the group was waiting and resting...then they told me - Apple, sorry to tell u that u only have less than 5 mins to rest...we are going up in 5 mins time...I was like WTH? No rest for me? my knees already giving way and starts shaking...i thought we just need to reach the Gap? I dont even have the time to think further...but followed the rest and challenge the final 7km ride to the top of Fraser was a nightmare...not going to describe how i made it... usual, the group spent some time resting & waiting for the slow ones and there's me coming finally...crawling...
And again...I've made it! Pheww......

Going back was the rewarding part, coz its downhill all the way....some fell and crashed..they thought they are the downhill king i perhaps :P..but glad that was no serious injury..

This is my first lung busting climbing ride...i guess more to come...captain wanna ride up to Cameron Highland next....this gonna be another nightmare!

Oh ya, for once...i get to experience how does it feel when u're chased by 2 mad dogs while u're worn out and almost no energy to cycle was not fun at all!

Friday, 13 March 2009

2009 Open Season Dive - P.Tioman (7-9 Mar09)

It was a 2D2N trip. I was supposedly a relax trip as we only did 3 dives & 1 diving day.
Its my first time to Tioman Island. I thought knew that the boat journey will be lengthy...but for some reason, i totally forgot about it this time.

The diving was considerably good. The day before and after our diving day was raining & cloundy. The only sunny & hot day was our diving day. Considerably good vis as its not really the optimal diving season yet....not much of current fighting...what else to ask for more right?

Its the boat journey & experience that upset me and threw me out of my mind. Standard boat time to Tioman will take you approximately 2 hours. However, it took us 3 hours to reach our destination...not to mention the boat was about 50 mins late. For some reason, the boat didnt stop or drop us off and went de-tour to other drop off point and coming back to our jetty - thanks to some special request from other customer. By the time we reach Berjaya Resort to check in...its alraedy 12am the next day....arghh....

The return boat journey even more suffering. The sea condition was kinda rough, to the extend that plastic bag was distributed to all the passenger...myself also almost throw out, but managed to supress it as i've spent the 2 hours boat journey standing outside at the tail end of the boat to breath fresh air....the wind was cold and its raining...but dont long i dont feel sick. The sea was rough, to the extend i almost kena washed by the waves when the boat was doing the parking to take up more passenger....haihz....i guess i would ever go back Tioman by boat...must make sure to fly next round.

We stayed at Berjaya Tioman Resort. Nice resort as they have almost everything in there...of coz that comes with a price...this is the best resort i've stayed for my diving trip...

There's not much activities on the top side of Tioman Island...typical Malay village i would say. Need to mention this - Liza Tioman Seafood Restaurant at Tekek....they serve fantastic fried chicken at reasonable price. Something interesting, a RM6.50 dish was served on Corelle ceramic plate imported from US! Duty free huh?? Oh ya, beer and liquor is cheap there...coz its duty free...choices might not be as many as airport but their price is definitely much cheaper!

Since i've pick up a new hobby - cycling, i will be diving less this year...probably just another 1 trip and that will wrap up my diving activities for 2009.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

My 2 wheels journey down South...

When: 18/2/2009 - 22/2/2009 (5 days)
The Journey: from KL Puchong - Singapore F1 Pit Building @ Marina Square
The Team: 17 cyclists mainly from OCBC MY, 3 marshal cars + 1 medic car
The Purpose: to raise fund for 2 charity organization - The Children Autism Society & Home of Peace
The achievement: RM40,000+ raised

Day 1 - 18/2/2009 (KL - Port Dickson 82km)

All the cyclist to meet at OCBC Puchong branch for a flag off event.
Captain Danny distributed each a Power Bar and 2 Power Gel. First time i get the chance to taste this horrible bar....euhh...i've forced myself to eat 1/3. If i were to know the effect of this horrible taste bar....i'm sure i will die die swallow the whole bar....coz i never expect first day will be such tough...come on, its only 80km which is just 2x the distance i ride during my training days...

Out of Puchong passing Cyberjaya hitting Sepang was not easy, heavy and fast tracffic, long stretch of uphill winding roads....ouch...less than an hour, i'm at the trail of the group already eventhough we get to start first! The sweeper followed closely at my back, watching me closely....the first pit stop was at Sepang...not only trying hard playing catch up with the guys, also trying hard to fight the hot morning sun...gulping for water but yet there's nothing for me to pee...was wondering where the heck all my drinks went?? its must be my sweat....for long, i've not been sweating so much....there's a question crossed my mind - what's going to happen to me in the afternoon ride? now is already so hot and its just the start u're already trying hard to catch up! Well, before i could think further, there we went for the 2nd half session. The sun wasburning hot...i was riding crawlingly slow + all the uphill climbing....i can feel that the sweeper car almost need to park at the road side to wait for head start spinning de...i was counting time when i'm going to jump into the sweeper car....just when i'm really wanted to make that call...i saw flemming! he was giving signal to pull over signifying thats our 2nd pit stop for lunch.....pheww...that was really a life saver stop for me....have some good rest, lotsa drinks...and having been told that there's just another 10km to go to wrap up the first day was indeed a huge booster....thats where i regain my confident that i could possibily narrowly make it. God bless me + a lot of determination & endurance...i've made it to Port Dickson. Not a long day, but it was a long 82km for me! No worries, at least i'm safe for the first day...what about tomorrow? dont bother...let's trash it out by then....

The first pit stop for the first day @ Ladang Sepang

Caught running nose on the first night...i think i've 'smoked' too much of exhaust fumes & dust. wanted to sleep early but i think i just able to catch 4 hours of sleep the most. The room was cold and i can hear the matress spring whenever i flip flop....haihzzz.....

Day 2 - 19/2/2009 (PD - Muar 132km)
Thats the longest day. I've forced myself to finish the left over Power Bar from yesterday's ride...started to get used to the sucky taste & texture. We need to reach Melaka by noon. If i recall correctly, it was quite an easy one as the roads were mostly flat. But, the wind is not helping us and in deed slowed us down. Since i'm always at the trail, there's no way i can get a 'personalise wind braker' no choice need to cycle hard lo...I think Steven McGyver was there to push & encourage me...I must mention this - i eat less than my normal day eventhough i went through intensive workout. Lunch? Unfinished Power bar again with 2 eggs....and along the way with Power Gel...thats lasted me to Muar! Of coz, besides the bar, there's also motivation from Steven McGyver...he kept telling me that Muar Asam Fish is nice....haha...
Medic car on stand by...coz i've alerted them that i might get cramp any time...
2nd half ride was on high shade, sunny all the way....Both Thomas & Amir was down with leg cramps....i thought i can feel my left leg being the same i smartly use more of my right leg to paddle....and luckily it lasted me till Muar! I've made it again! I am another step closer to S'pore....we visited The Children Autism of Muar...the kids look normal and in fact most of them are quite pretty. Mostly boys rather than girls...i hope these kids can get well soon and live a life like any other normal kids....they are lovely and certainly deserve it!

The night at Muar....again i couldnt get a good sleep....maybe just 3 hours....haih....what's wrong with me? I'm worried de....coz tomorrow there's another 120km waiting tomorrow....God~~

Day 3 - 20/2/2009 (Muar - Pontian 120km)
Though its not the final leg, but i would call it the final day as after this we are just required to cycle 30km & 20km on the 4th & 5th day respectively. 130km didnt turned me down, what is 30km? piece of cake right? But but...i will need to make sure i done this 120km b4 i can get the taste of the 'cake'...hehe. Today's morning there will be few 'Everest' climb....that made me noon, we need to reach Batu Pahat....

The few 'Everest' climb was scary...its steep and long stretch...really will squeeze your lungs out of me, it had been considerably so much easier....Why? Steven Mcgyver was there with me, giving me tips how to make my gears more efficient and how to struggle less when doing the hills...i must thank him for this...its was in deed a great help. I'm seriously glad i've made it to Batu Pahat....the final leg b4 reaching Pontian, captain Danny made me lead the team...for once, there's cyclist behind me...haha...not feeling fun though but in deed stressed me up...and the stress power converted to paddling power....i was cycling even faster than b4 and ever....hrmm...looks like i'm that kind of person that needs to be push and forced...then only i can excel or deliver :P
See...leading the pack...stress orh...

Once we reached shoulder were light...i'm done...i want a good night sleep tonight but again!!! i practically stayed awake the whole night!! i was wondering, what the heck is wrong with me?? i didnt drink tea of come cannot sleep at all?? only when the next morning, i got to know that Power Bar and Power Gel are all caffein base wonder...there explained my sleepless night...i think Pontian night was the max caffein accumulated in my body...

Day 4 - 21/2/2009 (Pontian into S'pore via 2nd Link 33km)
This was the most fun filled day....i pushed myself a lot (not that Steven is with me, but i decided to push myself). Reason being today is just a short ride...just push all the way and play with the boys....

This is a great day. When we reach S'pore, we were ushered by the event safety car into the F1 Pit Building. There were medias, our S'pore colleagues and event organiser VIPs welcoming us! Again, i need to mention this as a priceless moment...we were given flowers, we were invited on stage hero like that...though its not the case la :P. i'm going to remember this day...and i've told myself i will do this again!

Day 5 - 22/2/2009 (OCBC Cycle Singapore 20km Community Ride)
It was a slow and relax day. I just cruising there, enjoying s'pore skyscrappers, pretty landscape..and at the same time also busy depressing there....coz after this, it will mark an end to what i've been doing for the past few days...i dunno when i will get the chance to cycle such long distance again with my fellow comrades...i felt even more depress when i thought about the issues & problems waiting for me in the office.....was thinking there, how good if i can cycle for living?
Group picture b4 we were being ushered by the safety car to F1 Pit Building
Our team - welcomed by Media & Singapore colleagues

In summary:-
What i got:- new friendship, slightly handicapped fingers, uneven skin tone, pimples, the biggest bouquet of flower i've gotten so far AND an unforgetable experience & memory
what i learnt:- extracting the reflector, you must have Power Bar
what i realised:- impossible is nothing, the importance of strong mind, determination & endurance
what i discovered:- a new hobby to toxin myself out

I certainly like Power Gel... :P

Monday, 2 February 2009

My 2009 new toy...

Its a Merida Matts 5-MD, 2009 model.
I'm going ride on her from KL to S'pore....wish me luck :P

black jack became boring this CNY

because we have new games this CNY and this does not required us to visit our late Uncle Lim for it...
the ancient 'yu har hai' game (fish, shrimp, crab) - the animal game

i wonder where can i get both of these...

Thursday, 29 January 2009

2009 Chinese New Year (Chor 1 - Chor 3)

Its a long holiday for me, as i've took 3 days off and this gaves me 9 days of straight holidays...
Its is also a waste that i didnt get to plan something out to travel to other, i ended up eat, sleep, gamble and rest at home.

Today is Chor3 and to me, CNY considered being wrapped up.

Chor 1 - every year without fail, we will visit grandmother house (dad's side)..the place where all my relatives, uncles, aunties and cousins will meet up. This is the day that i will get to meet my cousins and uncles once a year. Usually we will spend half a day there and by 3pm we will go back to take a power nap if there's no other plans. This year, i've grouped our Choong's family troops and 'attacked' ShyShy's house for Asam Laksa ala P.Pangkor...haha...quite paiseh coz ShyShy only invited me and i brought 3 more ppl to sapu the Laksa...Well, i guess this is a positive feedback to ShyShy's mum that her Laksa is good and there's always a reason for her to continue to cook every year...hehe :P.
At night, for the first time ever...our small double storey house housed 25+ was a drinking, eating and gamble session. Highlights was my uncle brought a 30years old whisky...i have no idea how to describe the 30 years old whisky with words...

Chor 2 - The early planned movie plan did not work, coz clashed with a last minute but very early dinner (5.30pm!) with my, we've spent the early afternoon queuing in the cinema to buy new tickets and changed our movie plan to Thursday (Chor 4) instead. We've actually prepare to burn the earlier tickets but suprisingly the cinema allowed us to change the, no $$ damage :D

Chor 3 - Met up with my fellow crazy school mates for a gift exchange + makan + gamble session.

During CNY, and if you're at a place like Ipoh which is so crowded with ppl during definitely dont feel like going out and compete for a space with the rest. And if there's no travel plan, i think 3 days of CNY is enough for me...else i will be bored and start growing fungus at home....

2009 New Year - Its all about 'ang moh' and Thai food~~~

Went for a short break last minute of 2008 and very first minute of 2009.
27-30 Dec @ Phuket
30Dec - 1Jan @ Phi Phi
1-3 Jan @ Krabi
To summarize the trip, its all about beaches, ang moh, lotsa Thai food.
Phuket in brief is a large island. We were dropped of by the bus somewhere near Phuket town, to get to the beach, it was almost 30mins by motorbike. One of the interesting experience i have was 3 person + 2 huge backpacks squeezed into 1 bike. Pheww....interesting and kinda impossible considering both myself and travel mate are both L size ppl...its a pity that there's no picture captured of the interesting scene...

Phuket shopping is great. There are wide range of sports equipment and will just make you shop non-stop. No exception for me, broke my wallet and bought a 60L Deuter backpack & a 20L dry bag.

The other unforgettable thing was i've been travelling with a handicap person almost the whole journey...y leh? coz my travel mate sprain her ankle on the 2nd day and been limping throughout the journey...haih....pity her and this also reminds me to be extra caution...

We joined a day trip to Phang Nga Bay, James Bond island and some islands at surrounding areas..
The famous James Bond Island...somehow i couldn't recall eventhough i watched the movie..

Initially i thought we will get to kayak during the trip...who knows we have these well trained kayakers to kayak us around the islands and caves...

The 2nd destination was Phi Phi Island, 2 hours boat ride from Phuket. Phi Phi is a small island and flocked with tourists...the island is full of small shopping outlets. So...there's nothing much u can do there except for sun bathing, massage, shop & clubbing....

Phi Phi beach flocked with sun bathing tourists

We stayed at Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort. It's a quiet & peaceful resort during normal days but definitely not during new year eve....the beach party started as early as 6pm until 6am the next day...this is how serious those ppl partying. Being a kiamsiap tourist, we didnt spend any $$ partying but just a can of beer and sat at the balcony appreciating the fireworks..thats how we spent our new year moment...i would say its peaceful and also eventful :)

Our last destination was Krabi...its a much quieter town & small town compared to Phuket & Phi Phi. The happening places is at Ao Nang where its similar to Phuket...Krabi town itself, nothing much but i kinda like it...quiet...ocassionally u can see tourists walk around and its not crowded at all!

We did went Ao Nang beach, watched the sun set and shop around. The next day, we spent half a day at the Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) nearby Krabi Town. Wat Tham Seua is a small temple built inside a long shallow limestone cave, surrounded by natural forest. There are two staircases wind up the limestone cliffs. The first one leads with 1,237 steps to the top of the mountain offering a superb 360-degree view and is definitely worth a try. Reaching the top will reward you with an incredible view and there is a huge sitting Buddha, a golden pagoda and a few other small constructions. There was a huge downpour on our way up...which made the stairs climbing process more tricky but somehow we did proud! It was a great work out and both my legs start shaking while i'm joke!

The 3 sitting buddas at the mountain top

Good Dread GuestHouse. Highly recommended. Cheap, good rooms and informative guest house. You will get a chance to get a free beer by just asking the owner (Brian) a secret question.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

I need a winning lottery ticket~~

Shy shy advised me to live a more affordable life, taking into her advise…I recap how I spent my $$$ this year.

Diving – RM10K spent for 4 diving trips + equipment
Photography – RM2K spent for a DSLR camera body with kit lens
Travel – RM10K spent for 2 weeks Eastern Europe holidays + 1 week beach getaway at Thailand

2009 wish list
– RM5K for 3 diving trips.
– RM4K for a multi purpose lens + flash + tripod
– RM3K for Vietnam & Philipines trip which already confirmed
- RM3K for Adelaide & Syney Aussie trip (tentative sept09)
- to get a bike

* my apartment will be ready this year and need to allocate sum of $$ for renovation

Btw, I am NOW going out to buy lottery....Good Luck girl!

Hello 2009!

For my new year's resolution, I wanna:
1. Be happier
2. Stay healthier
3. To travel more
4. To dive more
5. To strive further in career
5. Be slimmer
6. To make more $$$
7. To have more time for myself
8. To be able to dream on
9. To be more open
AND last but not least...

May all my wishes come true~~~
* I know i am greedy~~ :P