Monday, 20 October 2008

Canon Goes Green...and so do the fruit goes greener~~

It was indeed a meaningful event. I’m a person who is quite concerned towards the various environmental issues we are facing nowadays….i’m concern but that doesn’t not mean that I’m actively engaging myself in doing conservation related work or only pandai right? There were few reasons or perhaps better known as excuses behind it geh....

First, I feel like I’m as if the sole person in my group of friends who is concern about it.
Second, I’m not sure where to go about to start.
Third, it’s just not something ppl around you would give a damn about it...well, this is M’sia perhaps.

I do dump my aluminium cans and glass bottles separately and place it aside at the garbage room…but at the end of the day, how sure are u the person who picks up the garbage do a segregation in the waste management process? Bare in mind that this is Malaysia ~~~

Anyway, I’m glad that Canon has made a move and it’s so conveniently near my place…so, I don’t see any tiny reason or excuse which could allow me to miss this event by not contributing.

Few of my friends went together…we were kinda semangat and gang-hor about it and wanted to be there early enough to get the goodie bag. Quite happy with the goodie bag as it includes a green t-shirt, cap, gloves, pen and of coz a tote bag itself. All these are given free and besides that, there’s food and drinks (breakfast & lunch)
Planting tree is not hard at all as we were merely just open up the plastic bag on the seeding tree and just place it in the pre-digged hole and cover it back with soils. That’s it! As simple as ABC!

Hope there will be more conservation community events coming….and all we go for a better living earth~~

Sunday, 12 October 2008

a quick update...

yeah, i know i've been slack and lazy updating my blog. Busy is also one of the reason. goes...

1. Changes in office
- my immediate boss left end Sept. I will be reporting to HOD (Head of Dept)
- my HOD is leaving too....
- new HOD coming on board on 13th Oct...dunno what to expect
- i am required to take on some additional responsibilities due to someone left and not quite sure they are hiring a new person or wat...coz there will be restructure of the dept...

2. Sports and activities
- went caving during Raya at Gua was quite a fun outing
- went rock climbing twice...and suffered from muscle pain twice as well
- went hiking, joining my friends who are actively training and preparing for KK hike.

I will be heading to Pulau Weh, Banda Acheh in 2 weeks time for my final diving trip for this year....very look forward to it!

Final thing...i am one more step closer to my dream...not quite sure whether it will be my destiny....