Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'm such a lazy bump

Yeah...i'm still busy as described in my earlier post as early as July this year. Other than busy, i am getting even more lazy these days....

So what i have been doing? what happened to me in the past few months?

July & August - was madly working, everyday from 7am-9pm. Hard work paid least i managed to deliver a piece of 'baby' has borned. I'm a 'mother' now :P

September - even a more busy month but very happy month. Moved in to my new place. i'm occupying the whole apartment by myself now! Went Bangkok for a short weekend....makan makan & jalan jalan a bit. Besides Bangkok, also went to the vast Aussie land with family. Good relaxing trip it was...

October - its all about house warming & working.

so what's my plan next?
Nov - will be going Indonesia, to visit the volcanic mountain beauty - Mount Bromo
Dec - i consider this will be my first & last actual diving trip for the year. Will be going Pom Pom Island, off Tawau....gonna say goodbye to 2009 & hello to 2010 there :P

2009 so far --- has been eventful and fun filled for me :)

Bear with coming next post...will be a more 'meaty' one , i will spend more time to blog in future...