Friday, 26 December 2008

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...

So i've spent my Christmas night watching Transformers....its such a great movie and no matter how many times i've watched wont bored me...

I know its a bit of out-dated but who cares? Uuuhhh...i so love this...every time i hear this, my tears rolling in my eyes..

Jazz: "What about Bumblebee? What can't just leave him to die! And become some human experiment!"
Optimus Prime: He'll die in vain if we don't accomplish our mission. Bumblebee is a brave soldier. This is what he would want.
Ironhide: "Why are we fighting to save the humans? They're a primitive and violent race."
Optimus Prime: "Were we so different? They are a young species. They have much to learn... but I've seen goodness in them. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...... You all know there is only one way to end this war: We must destroy the Cube. If all else fails, I will unite it with the spark in my chest."
Ratchet: "That's suicide! The Cube is raw power—it could destroy you both."
Optimus Prime: "A necessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet... We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes. It's been an honor serving with you all. Autobots, roll out!"

—The Autobots discussing their next move

I want my freedom too and i deserve it i'll be heading to Phuket, Phi Phi Island & search of freedom...

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Its a shoe shopping spree~~

I must have been crazy about shoes less than 1 month period..i've got myself 3 pairs of different types of shoes...Btw, i only have a pair of legs

Timberland hiking shoe - expensive and its causing bruises at this stage

Reebok running shoe - purposely bought this for marathon...but i have no idea when is my next marathon

Rock Pillars climbing shoe - thanks to Nomad Christmas sale which left me no excuse not to get myself a pair or climbing shoe + harness
(p/s thanks to uncle soo generously let me wear his shoe all this while :P)

Guess how much total damage? ==> close to 4 figures!

The Merry Makan Gang (MMG) Melaka Food Trail

Honorable MMG team members:-
Ramund Lai (RL) - driver 1 + makan captain
Peggy Yap (PY) - driver 2 + photographer 1 + shopper
Jessie Tang (JT) - planner + navigator + shopper
Ang Siew Lin (ASL) - honorable treasurer + shopper
Winnine Chai (WC) - shopper
Myself (AC) - photograher 2

23 November 2008
8.30am - kick start food trail with cuppa 'nung nung' de kopi @ KopiKaul, Puchong
RL: Less is more ya! Eat a little of many many food, glorious food
ASL: I'll just have porridge, meehoon & toast bread
RL: Good choice, I'll mirror your order
PY: Am not a breakfast person, will just have 2 half boiled eggs, kopi o & toast bread
WC: The meehoon here is nice, 1 is not enuff, lets order 2
JT: I want peanut butter bread
AC: aiyar, i want to eat everything la~~
Breakfast starts at 8.20am & ends at 9.15am

Food stop#2: Mission starts at 12.07pm & ends at 12.26pm

12.07pm - queue-ing for Po Po Chicken Rice

Po Po Chicken Rice

Yum yum! can fight with Ipoh Chicken Rice

Food stop#3 - Jonker Street @ 1.20pm

cockles a.k.a.'see ham'

PY: wow! this is the best chendol durian ever!
cendol biasa ala Melaka

century egg a.k.a. pei tan

Mission accomplished by 1.46pm (19mins to devour 9 bowls od cendols/ABC and etcs)

Food stop#4 - Coconut water stall @ 3.02pm

PY demonstrating her sucking skill
MMG stop to purchase pineapple tarts for the dept

Freshly made pineapple tart, one of the must-buy

Food stop#5 - Satay Celup @ 3.20pm - 4.05pm

Food stop#7 - Satay Babi ala Hainan @ 4.10pm

Stop#8 - Eye of Malaysia @ 4.55pm

most of us were very excited to visit Eye of Malaysia @ Melaka, as we didnt get a chance to visit while it was stationed at KL...

At night, we went for typical Nyonya pictures capture as all were tired. After dinner, we went sightseeing Melaka night view at Taming Sari Tower near Pahlawan Mall.

Reached home at 1am+

Summary of the trip:- fun, full and tiring :)

Sunday, 7 December 2008

P.Weh Diving (24-28 Oct 2008)

Came back from my 1st oversea diving trip to P. Weh @ Acheh, Indonesia.

Been lazy and slack recently and by right should have already updated this blog 1.5 months ago!

I went with the heart to see whale shark and manta rays....and of coz came back empty handed coz its not the season...i'm just trying to be wishful. Many have asked me is there anything interesting in Weh....somehow i dunno how to answer. How do you define interesting? Different ppl have different standard and definition towards it though...

To me...seeing a yellow box fish in a dive can really excite me....i can stare at an ordinary octopus or minutes....even huge sea fans consider something interesting to about u?

OK...apparently there's some: -

1. underwater hot spring
-Its special coz u wont get it elsewhere....imagine u are soaking yourself in cool water and can feel the warm bubbles around you? and with fishes swimming around it? Its a new experience i would say....

2. volcano mud spa with wet suit + bikini top
-we really have fun digging the boiling volcanic mud from a hole and blow it cool so that we can apply it on our face & body. Also enjoyed helping each other to apply volcanic mud...
-too bad that to date i still havent get the photos captured in Rebecca's camera...else i've sure share with all :P

3. on board with a special 'VIP'
-the special 'VIP' i meant : VIP = corpse! How special could it be? We shared the same ferry from Banda Acheh to Pulau Weh. Luckily no smell detected.

4. get to see a boat that rest on top of a single storey house and surrounded by many houses nearby
-thats the post tsunami scene that u dont get to see it at like anywhere..

Monday, 20 October 2008

Canon Goes Green...and so do the fruit goes greener~~

It was indeed a meaningful event. I’m a person who is quite concerned towards the various environmental issues we are facing nowadays….i’m concern but that doesn’t not mean that I’m actively engaging myself in doing conservation related work or only pandai right? There were few reasons or perhaps better known as excuses behind it geh....

First, I feel like I’m as if the sole person in my group of friends who is concern about it.
Second, I’m not sure where to go about to start.
Third, it’s just not something ppl around you would give a damn about it...well, this is M’sia perhaps.

I do dump my aluminium cans and glass bottles separately and place it aside at the garbage room…but at the end of the day, how sure are u the person who picks up the garbage do a segregation in the waste management process? Bare in mind that this is Malaysia ~~~

Anyway, I’m glad that Canon has made a move and it’s so conveniently near my place…so, I don’t see any tiny reason or excuse which could allow me to miss this event by not contributing.

Few of my friends went together…we were kinda semangat and gang-hor about it and wanted to be there early enough to get the goodie bag. Quite happy with the goodie bag as it includes a green t-shirt, cap, gloves, pen and of coz a tote bag itself. All these are given free and besides that, there’s food and drinks (breakfast & lunch)
Planting tree is not hard at all as we were merely just open up the plastic bag on the seeding tree and just place it in the pre-digged hole and cover it back with soils. That’s it! As simple as ABC!

Hope there will be more conservation community events coming….and all we go for a better living earth~~

Sunday, 12 October 2008

a quick update...

yeah, i know i've been slack and lazy updating my blog. Busy is also one of the reason. goes...

1. Changes in office
- my immediate boss left end Sept. I will be reporting to HOD (Head of Dept)
- my HOD is leaving too....
- new HOD coming on board on 13th Oct...dunno what to expect
- i am required to take on some additional responsibilities due to someone left and not quite sure they are hiring a new person or wat...coz there will be restructure of the dept...

2. Sports and activities
- went caving during Raya at Gua was quite a fun outing
- went rock climbing twice...and suffered from muscle pain twice as well
- went hiking, joining my friends who are actively training and preparing for KK hike.

I will be heading to Pulau Weh, Banda Acheh in 2 weeks time for my final diving trip for this year....very look forward to it!

Final thing...i am one more step closer to my dream...not quite sure whether it will be my destiny....

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Some of the good old days~~~~~~

Those days were awesome~~~~~ When will it happen again???
I'm waiting....looking forward....dreaming about it~~~

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Hi all...would like to share some quotes which i read it somewhere and these all gave me some thoughts....

My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can. -->Cary Grant
- perhaps this is the only goal of my life~~

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. -->Susan Heller
- i wish i can do this every time i'm about to travel :P

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. -->Danny Kaye
- i'm running short of paint...pls shares yours with me if you could~~

Friday, 19 September 2008

School of Hard Knocks

19/9/08 @ Royal Selangor

The biggest pewter mug - Guniess Record

It was a working day and we managed to get special approval to leave office at 2pm for joint department outing. Learning how to 'knock' our own pewter bowl~~~

Knock knock knock...

I have definitely visited Royal Selangor before and thats all i could remember, nothing much else.

We feel very honoured because we were brought around by Datin (the owner of Royal Selangor). She had patiently share the history of Royal Selangor and show us around how pewter is being produced. Its kinda interesting though but somehow i dont know how to appreciate it...maybe pewter is meant for high class ppl becoz its expensive ma....i memang low class ppl :P

Datin sharing the touching story behind of a special tea pot

Close up -the special tea design

And of coz....i also took this opportunity to practice my shooting skill...haha
I hope my big boss can arrange more activities for our dept... :)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Pangkor Island - in search of memory

Where about: Pangkor Island, Off Lumut, Perak
When: 13 - 14 Sept 2008
2 weeks back to back, I’ve spent my wonderful weekends at 2 different islands.

Followed to my memorable whale shark encounter, we’ve head north to Pangkor Island . The island where we’ve frequent most during young days….
I have not land my foot on Pangkor like ages….it not 10 years then it should be 8 years….

My initial plan for things to do in Pangkor:-

Cycling – failed
We were being teased by one souvenir shop auntie…you think you girls still young like 16 yrs can cycle around the island under this weather?? Forget about it…you will be half dead…might as well rent a van and bring you around...aihhh…of coz its not bcoz of this we didn’t cycle…its becoz we didn’t manage to go to the place where they are bicycle for rent and somehow we found that its even more pricy to rent a bicycle than a motorbike. Furthermore, we were running out of time…..

Pray pray – failed
Initial plan is to cycle to Fu Ling Gong to see the ‘mini great wall’ and pray pray….since cycling tak jadi…so the praying session also not happening la..

Food – huge success
Despite our main objective there is to shoot photos….but I think the food part was the highlight of the trip! We woke up as early as 7am, took a RM30 cab to the town just to have a taste of Shy Shy’s childhood nasi lemak and yes Shy Shy finally get to eat her nostalgic pangkor nasi lemak with a piece of fish with sambal. Its even simpler than the RM1 nasi lemak we get near the street….but it really taste nice and exotic.
Next would be Pangkor rice noodle a.k.a. ‘lai fun’ – super nice! We had 1 full bowl of lai fun just 2 hours after our lunch! No matter how full, we still sapu~~
The good food are – nasi lemak, lai fun in clear soup, asam laksa, otak-otak, coffee

Photo shooting - not quite satisfied
First day: weather was good, bright and sunny....manage to get 2 or 3 pictures that i like.
2md day: i dont see any cloud details in the came out as pale as a piece of white paper....still got lotsa things to brush up..

Kayaking - unexpectedly done
First time experience, it was fun provided water surface condition is calm and u dont need to paddle against the current. Quite tiring as well and most of the time we just relax and let the kayak drift to where it wanted to :P definitely going to do this sports again!

Birthday suprise
My mates light up candles for me on the beach...tried so hard coz beach was windy...
after numerous attempt...only managed to light up my name with a egg cake 'gai dan gou'. Thanks mate :)
I would definely plan more such short trip - 2D1N or 3D2N to somewhere with my mates...enjoy chilling up and do it!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

An encounter with Whale Shark - Tenggol dive 5-7Sept

It all begins with a ‘char siew bau’ on board...

We started our driving journey at 3am Friday (5th Sept). Everything went smooth and we reached the jetty on time to catch the boat to island around 9am. At around 9.30am like that – boat’s engine sounds weird….oh oh…and slowly its was dead~~ Guess what, we were at no where, no where near mainland nor the island...we were at the middle of the ocean! We've spent close to 3 hours drifting. So...all sort of stupid jokes were heard on board...some being desparately 'called' by biological needs, no choice need to jump down to water to 'answer' the 'call'. Some broke their personal best record for not throwing out on the boat...some really almost throw out...God knows we were boring and sent some jellyfish to entertain us...

After almost 3 hours of drifting, finally we saw the rescue boat from the horizon. But guess what...the rescue boat also got stopped & go and when its about 400m in front of us, it stopped totally - no fuel!!! wah sai....!! Charlie has to swim the tank of petrol from our boat to the rescue boat...that is really like survivor show man...

Some were come we so bad luck? Then somehow Charlie told us a story of Tenggol where no pork was allowed on the island + the boat as well...ther were few incidents happened that something bad happened to the person who brought pork or pork based food on to the island. So, back to the initial question, how come we so bad luck? Not just the first boat but the second boat also kena ....well, the answer is Char Siew Pao!! Wai Meng bought a char siew pao to Charlie...and Charlie makan on board....ooohhh....cherh or not?

So...after another hour, we finally reached the island. Everyone quickly grab lunch and do our check up dive. Only 1 dive for me on the 1st day...some went for night dive but i opt out...coz me caught flu, so i guess better rest well and make sure tomorrow can dive lo...

2nd day...all wake up early early morning as we have a date with whale shark...and yes!!! mr whale shark didn't ffk us...yu huu~~~ our mission accomplished for this trip! all were happy except for those with camera...some didn't really get a full glimpse of it...but for was great, breath taking and unforgettable....Something i'm glad for all the dives was that - the current is consider mild and not as strong as how it was last year when i was my dive is quite relax and enjoyable :)

3rd day, we did a morning dive and all were set to back to KL. And....again.....the char siew pao play its row again....since Charlie's boat sent for repair, he managed to get a fishing boat to send us back to mainland....and...coincidently, the fishing boat also hit problem...coz they have mistakenly used a tank of water instead of fuel to run the boat or the fuel the boatman used were mixed with water and subsequently failed the enjin!!! walau eh........3 times with 3 different boat....u think this is so ngam or really bcoz if the char siew pao?? according to wai meng, who bought the char siew pao...its nothing to do with it and he think he is lucky coz get to see whale shark....but for the rest of us...we strongly feel its becoz of the char siew pao...sometimes u cannot stop yourself being superstitious...hahaha.

This time around, we stayed at a much better resort compared to the one we stayed last year. Spacious room with air condition + hot shower...nothing to complain i guess. However, i am not sure whether this is due to the fresh water or the bed sheet...coz rashes all over my body now and i couldn't help not scratching it! arghhh...

Overall....the trip was great despite we continously hit by the boat issues....the company was great, the diving was was fun!

Lesson learnt and finger crossed, no more char siew pao next round....haha :)
and....not to touch jelly fish even though u are quite sure it wont sting....i kena and the sensation is not good... :(

Next wish list is to see the adult whale shark and manta or deveil rays at Pulau Weh....hope our luck will be better by then :P

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bear's yahoo~~

He is definitely one of my super idol

'Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, covered in scars, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'yahoo!', what a ride.' By Bear Grylls

I definitely agree with him...and i wish i could meet someone like him in my real life...and together we go and seek adventure and live our like there's no tomorrow....

First thing i need to to believe in what you think, what you feel and what you want....BELIEVE~~~

Monday, 1 September 2008

7.18% out of 195 countries...

There are a total of 195 countries in this World. How many have you been and step your foot on?
For me, my count only reached 14. It's equivalent to 7.18%

I dont have much life goal but to go around the world is definitely something i dreamt of...
Such a wild dream right? Well....can't deny that i have a piece of wild heart...

DREAM IT. PLAN IT. DO IT. --by Nat Geo Adventure

Monday, 25 August 2008

in the month of September....

So….the Beijing Olympic is now over and I’ve finished crying…
What’s next in September?

I believe coming month will be a contended month for me…

1st weekend, I’ll be heading to Tenggol Island for a 3D2N fun dive trip. Let’s fight current like mad~~
2nd weekend, I’ll be heading to Pangkor Island for a 2D1N squid fishing + photography trip. Finger crossed to snap nice & breath taking pictures. I hope we can get to cycle around the island, lying on the beach watching stars, listen to the low tide….bla bla bla
3rd weekend, I hope they will be a waterfall photo shooting trip
4th weekend, I guess I will head back to hometown and grab some real nice food

And ff coz…how could i forget my date with Bear Grylls??!! @_@

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

the fruit cried....

Recently i cried a lot...tears falling down from my eyes when i see the birth of an Olympic champion in the sports i like....

when i see how Phelps score his golds and keep crunching world records....i cried...i imagine...what has this guy gone through behind us before he can stand in front of the world like intense he has trained?...and now...the world's eyes are on him...he's a star...shining and get noticed..standing on the podium with his national anthem...crowds cheering for him...its just awesome and something to die for....that's something called 'the moment of life'!

when i was watching it male or female....its just not some kind of sport for tom dick and harry....i wonder how come these ppl chosen such a hard life....stay on gym a30nd train like mad, doing those torturing actions repeatedly....and now...finally they make it to the podium...they are not just gymnast..they are Olympic champion...phewww..

sports is just so great...u can see ppl's endurance, toughness, passionate, stand in from of the entire world...face the challenge, push to the limit, excel, excel and excel...

today, we seen so many successful examples...see how their dreams come true...but what about those have yet to make it in front of us? where do they get the courage and support? will they succeed one fine day?

given a second life....i think i would want to be really serious in sports...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Recreational Club

Today, officially, i became the committee member for my bank's Recreational Club. I do not consider myself an active person in societies or commitees, especially during school time....but somehow i am excited about it now.

With this new role, i hope if i can promote my favourite sports & activities i.e. scuba diving, photography, rock climbing...etc....rather than those normal stuff like badminton, futsal, bowling...

I guess rock climbing & photograhpy is something realistic...a bit tricky to promote scuba diving...anyhow...i will definitely try by best! Gambateh!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Looking forward to August, for.....

8th August
- 2008 Beijing Olympics!

10th August
- first attempt of half marathon, 22.7km

12th August, every Tuesday, 10pm @ Discovery Channel
- Man vs Wild, my all time favourite reality show
- great show, gives you some ideas of how to survive under extreme conditions

19th August, every Tuesday, 9pm @ Discovery Travel & Living
- America The Wright Way
- this is a new series of travel documentary by famous traveller Ian Wright (u will sure know him if you are a fan of Globe Trekker - I am!)

August gonna be a TV month for sure! :P

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

....into 'golden' era...

Time flies....already 2 months with my new job...
I am slowly... slowly...and eventually will transform to become piece of GOLD!
I am the ninja panda~~~shut shut shut~~ here i am....there i'm gone~~~

Sunday, 13 July 2008

New hobby and a new toy...

I have a new hobby now and I've got myself a new toy..Nikon D60.

Moving forward, I will be actively following my fellow photo enthusiasts friends to different places, snapping nice pictures and of coz to learn from them.

This new toy cost me RM2k.... and i guess the investment amount will eventually increase when my skill improves...coz i will need more canggih accessories by then >.<~

Anyhow....i will try my best to snap as many nice photos as possible....must achieve some kind of reasonable ROI (return of investment) ma~~~

Next thought i have in my mind --> would i still be able to achieve my yearly diving goal with this new hobby?? hrmmm.....

Monday, 7 July 2008

Running for Siemens

Completed my 2nd 10km run for Siemens. Have not been exercising since KLIM @ March. Was a bit worried whether i can complete the 10km run + walk.

Luckily...i managed to did it. Timing wise...improved about 8 minutes i guess :P...that's encouraging though....

So now...its the post syndrome after run lo...muscle cramp, aching...walking like an old lady and craw like a crab now...guess this gonna last for at least 3 days....

Next will be Adidas run...double up...22.7km! Let's see....

Glad that my running buddies increased this time...hope 5 of us can make it for Adidas run next month!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

MIDE 2008

I went Malaysia International Dive Expo a.k.a. MIDE @ PWTC today. Spent almost 5 hours there and i end up with these....

Pelican Dive Torch @ RM155

guess what? I think i only did 6 or 7 night dives max...and this is my 3rd dive torch! 1st dive torch lasted me only 1 1/2 dive. Its an Ikelite torch...dont buy it! 2nd dive torch actually still can be used sometimes...i've dropped it the housing become bit loose and sometimes it might fail have no choice need to look for another primary torch. 2nd torch is an Apollo torch...quality ok la...can buy. I hope my new Pelican dive torch wont disappoints me...

Sport Diving magazine 2 yrs subscription @ RM180

I think this is a real good deal. The subscription package comes with 2 free gifts! An underwater diving torch + surface marker a.k.a. 'sausage'.

Out of the blue...i suddenly got 2 underwater torch now...not bad huh? The sausage is something i would like to buy coz i've lost mine during my last dive trip at Sipadan....that was a brand new sausage and i haven't even launch it that when i think back, it really makes me feel sad. The last trip was an expensive one, not only i lost my sausage, i dropped my 'ding ding' a.k.a pointer and its also the trip that my torch became 'sot sot dei' and cannot be rely on.

By the way, i am RM335 poorer today....

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Neptune Memorial Reef~

Where would you want to rest yourself after life? underground? in the air? or under the sea?

Well, just found out some creative guys at US has this - Neptune Memorial Reef

The Creators of the Neptune Memorial Reef hope it will become a memorial for the dead and a diving site. Instead of a burial funeral, people can pay to have their remains placed in one the reef's structures after their death. I thought this is something interesting....for those who love the sea, they will probably buy the idea....

So....where is the memorial reef? Given a chance, would you want to dive there? If yes, i definitely will :P

The Neptune Memorial Reef is located in open waters 3 1/4 miles off the coast of Key Biscayne - Miami, Florida (US) which means any certified diver can visit. The artificial reef's first phase allows for about 850 remains.

The ashes are mixed with cement designed for underwater use and fitted into a mold, which a diver then places and secures into the reef. A copper and bronze plaque is installed with the person's name, date of birth and death. There is also a line for a message.

The cost of a placement starts at $995 and can go to $6,495, for those who want to be placed inside the base of a lion statue for all eternity.

Visit for more info.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


The day after results day.....
What would it be??
Something i've expected or otherwise??
No one knows......
Time will tell.....

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


What would you do if you are being discriminate?
Me ar?? I will eat more release my stress

And i've eat a lot today.....coz i've been discriminate...

Aihhh.........tough life~~~


Time flies and i've already 1 month with my new job.
My friends and colleagues keep asking me with some questions to express their care & concerns...
Below are some of the Q&As which i can think of.....

Q: How's your new job?
A: New job is ok....doing ok, so far so good.

Q: Are you ok with your new job?
A: Ya, so far so good....i am survivng....havent die yet :P

Q: Are you happy?
A: I think i am now...but not sure whether its going to last for how long....

Q: Are they paying you well?
A: I am here at where i am just for the 'heavy work load'...

Q: How's your new boss? Is she treating you well?
A: She is ok, just too long winded most the far still very nice to me, and haven't scream at me yet (apparetly she has the reputation screaming at people)

Some feedback gathered from one of my colleague - Apple, i'm not being negative, but sooner you will know....i will observe you....your attitude towards work will changed in few months time...good luck!

Some words from the bottom of my heart:-
- now is pay back time, i've been slacking too much in the past 6 months
- doing some dirty jobs nowadays a.k.a. Indah Water Konsortium (I.W.K)
- regretted didnt ask for enough money >.<~

Anyway.....gambateh & keep it up~~

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

my beauty plan...

I always told my friend that i am a lousy planner....things that i've planned for 90% dont work..
Things that i never planned somehow it happened...

These are my fact a wild one.....lets keep an eye see it works :P

1. Japan (2009)
- Hokkaido, Kyoto & Tokyo
2. Australia & New Zealand (2010)
- Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast
- Milford sound, Franz Joseph Glacier
3. Mediterranean, Europe (2011)
- Greece: Athens, Santorini
- Portugal: Lisbon
- Spain: Madrid, Bacelona
- Southern France: Nice
- Monaco: Monte Carlo
- Turkey
4. United States (2012)
- Grand Canyon, Arizona
- Yellowstone National Park
- New York
- California: San Fran, L.A
5. United Kingdom (2013)
- England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales

Saturday, 14 June 2008

so's all over

Finally!! No more listening test. No more reading test. No more writing test. No more speaking test. I've done it all today....pheww~~~~

I think i didnt did very well...all i need is just a Band 7 score..nothing more than that...

Who ever up there...can you hear Dadi? All she needs is just a Band 7 score...pleaseeee~~~

Thursday, 12 June 2008

will u still be around tomorrow??....

Just had an interesting yet stupid conversation with shy shy..
Will you still be around tomorrow? If i'm gone tomorrow....will you cry for me?

Shy shy asked: what is your favourite song? I'll play it for you during your funeral...
I answered: i don't have an answer for it.....i'm such a loser... return, shy shy asked for 3 songs during her funeral....
1. Regina Spektor - The Call
2. Internal Affairs - 'zai jian' (music only)
3. Eva Cassidy or John Lennon (acoustic unplugged) - Imagine

Above is shy shy's what is mine? Maybe its time to give it a thought.....maybe you should do the same before its too late......

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sharks - Abandon Fear

Thanks FOX, i've just watched Sharkwater dvd. Its truely amazing! At one point, i was speechless and dunno what to say...almost went into tears~~

After watching the dvd, i would like to express my gratitue and highest respect to Rob Stewart and Paul Watson.

I guess i will be still be freak out of shark even after watching the dvd...afterall shark is still a predator and they belongs to ocean and we belongs to land. We live in total different world! I am so grateful that i took up scuba least i got better chances to know this 'shy animal' better than those just relying on TVs and medias. I hope.... fear towards shark will be gone....

I'm not sure whether tonight i'm going to sleep well cause my mind now filled with scenes where sharks being hooked and all its fins and tails being cut and dump back to the ocean helplessly and waiting for its death moment. Sometimes we human being are in fact the most cruel creature on Earth.

I think there's nothing significant i can do about this but i will definiely say NO to shark fin. I will try my best to convey this message to all my friends and i hope in future...maybe someday...i can do something and contribute in saving sharks, saving whales, saving the rain forest, saving pandas....or to make it short - saving our planet Earth!

* did i hear someone laughing at my back?? i hope not.........

Friday, 6 June 2008

from grey to green....yes! Dadi you can!

Shy Shy asked: come since u came back from EE ur blog seem to be so grey? Wat's wrong with you?

Dadi answered: Dadi missed EE...Dadi now banished to the reality that need to work...Dadi is frus coz she cant seem to be able to catch up and close the gap....

Anyhow...before the end of that day...Dadi made up her mind that she will turn green from grey...

tadah....this is the green Dadi...tough huh @_@

Thursday, 5 June 2008

so what is next??

Not only i dunno what am i really doing nowadays....i don't even know what is going to happen next...

I was shocked of the increased petrol price to RM2.70 per litre...if u ask me whether i am heavily affected? The answer is yes & no....

I wanted to go diving.....but i dunno when i can do that....

I got exam next week....and i dunno whether i can score the minimum score i need to proceed further with my plans....

I dunno when i can make up the gap...where the additional money i earned can cover the ever increasing necessity and life essential....

Last of all.....i dunno whether things that i hope for is it going to become reality....and i dunno whether things i'm working on whether gonna meet my expectations...

I seriously dunno....what's going to be next.....???

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

what am i doing??

I'm so easily tired and restless nowadays...i couldn't even catch a quality sleep even if i sleep early....

Is it age catching up or i am just too used to easy and relax life earlier on? or is it both?

I find it i dun have enough time for myself and i just need more time for myself...not that everyday i work till 10pm and dont have my personal time....but it just that i dun have time to watch my downloaded movies, i couldn't find time to read my diving magazines, i hardly watch tv on weekdays, i bought a Tibet travel guide book...but havent really flip through it....what am i doing?

Next week will be exam...i'm so not prepared for it...arghh....

yeah...its not early now...and i need to run to bed...zzZzZZzzzz~~~~

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The game is now ON~~~

I've been complaining too free and no work in my previous job...

Now... i am venting in my blog that i started to feel 'drown' by work...

Imagine that u already feel drowning even b4 u started full force working as email not ready, access not ready??

What would be the case when I'm fully equipped with all the necessary access and working tools??

All i can say is that --> the game is now ON! and its pay back time NOW!

But guess what?? I am feeling excited about it! (at least for the time being :P)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (8-10 May 2008)

I've been longing to visit Amsterdam. I wanted to see their well-known windmill, dutch lady, dutch clogs and of course not forgetting the tulips! Amsterdam was our last stop before flying back to KL and we only have practically 1 1/2 day to cover the places we want to go. We reached Amsterdam Central Station ~10.30am and quickly we checked in to our hostel and take a 40mins train to the Zaandam where we get to visit the Cheese Farm, Wooden Shoe Factory (manufacturing clogs), different types of windmill and also the Old Clock Museum, the best part is that its admission free...haha

I like the place as we get to see windmills, get to see how clogs being made, get to taste all sort of cheese, get to see dutch lady but not milk squeezing la :P. We spent half a day there. We head back to the city for dinner and at night we open ups our eyes at Red Light District & Sex Musuem - speechless and amazed :P

Next day, we went Alkmaar to visit the famous Friday cheese market. We get to see as per tradition the cheese is weighed with lead weights and then whisked away using a gondola-shaped wooden barrows...something interesting for me as we didnt get to see such custom in Malaysia.
Next, we went Keukenhof for tulips as its tulips season. We were all excited to see so many brightly coloured tulips and as if we've stepped into a kodak moment! The garden is huge and its a great place to wander around and sit for a while. Other than flowers, the garden also houses many artistic sculpture...those who know how to appreciate arts will definitely love this place even more :P
Due to the tight schedule, we didnt get to spend time at Amsterdam city...last day, we have dinner at Dam Square...and just managed to get a glimpse of the busy and crowded city. This leaves me a reason to go back once more...hehe :P