Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Neptune Memorial Reef~

Where would you want to rest yourself after life? underground? in the air? or under the sea?

Well, just found out some creative guys at US has this - Neptune Memorial Reef

The Creators of the Neptune Memorial Reef hope it will become a memorial for the dead and a diving site. Instead of a burial funeral, people can pay to have their remains placed in one the reef's structures after their death. I thought this is something interesting....for those who love the sea, they will probably buy the idea....

So....where is the memorial reef? Given a chance, would you want to dive there? If yes, i definitely will :P

The Neptune Memorial Reef is located in open waters 3 1/4 miles off the coast of Key Biscayne - Miami, Florida (US) which means any certified diver can visit. The artificial reef's first phase allows for about 850 remains.

The ashes are mixed with cement designed for underwater use and fitted into a mold, which a diver then places and secures into the reef. A copper and bronze plaque is installed with the person's name, date of birth and death. There is also a line for a message.

The cost of a placement starts at $995 and can go to $6,495, for those who want to be placed inside the base of a lion statue for all eternity.

Visit for more info.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


The day after results day.....
What would it be??
Something i've expected or otherwise??
No one knows......
Time will tell.....

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


What would you do if you are being discriminate?
Me ar?? I will eat more release my stress

And i've eat a lot today.....coz i've been discriminate...

Aihhh.........tough life~~~


Time flies and i've already 1 month with my new job.
My friends and colleagues keep asking me with some questions to express their care & concerns...
Below are some of the Q&As which i can think of.....

Q: How's your new job?
A: New job is ok....doing ok, so far so good.

Q: Are you ok with your new job?
A: Ya, so far so good....i am survivng....havent die yet :P

Q: Are you happy?
A: I think i am now...but not sure whether its going to last for how long....

Q: Are they paying you well?
A: I am here at where i am just for the 'heavy work load'...

Q: How's your new boss? Is she treating you well?
A: She is ok, just too long winded most the far still very nice to me, and haven't scream at me yet (apparetly she has the reputation screaming at people)

Some feedback gathered from one of my colleague - Apple, i'm not being negative, but sooner you will know....i will observe you....your attitude towards work will changed in few months time...good luck!

Some words from the bottom of my heart:-
- now is pay back time, i've been slacking too much in the past 6 months
- doing some dirty jobs nowadays a.k.a. Indah Water Konsortium (I.W.K)
- regretted didnt ask for enough money >.<~

Anyway.....gambateh & keep it up~~

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

my beauty plan...

I always told my friend that i am a lousy planner....things that i've planned for 90% dont work..
Things that i never planned somehow it happened...

These are my fact a wild one.....lets keep an eye see it works :P

1. Japan (2009)
- Hokkaido, Kyoto & Tokyo
2. Australia & New Zealand (2010)
- Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast
- Milford sound, Franz Joseph Glacier
3. Mediterranean, Europe (2011)
- Greece: Athens, Santorini
- Portugal: Lisbon
- Spain: Madrid, Bacelona
- Southern France: Nice
- Monaco: Monte Carlo
- Turkey
4. United States (2012)
- Grand Canyon, Arizona
- Yellowstone National Park
- New York
- California: San Fran, L.A
5. United Kingdom (2013)
- England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales

Saturday, 14 June 2008

so's all over

Finally!! No more listening test. No more reading test. No more writing test. No more speaking test. I've done it all today....pheww~~~~

I think i didnt did very well...all i need is just a Band 7 score..nothing more than that...

Who ever up there...can you hear Dadi? All she needs is just a Band 7 score...pleaseeee~~~

Thursday, 12 June 2008

will u still be around tomorrow??....

Just had an interesting yet stupid conversation with shy shy..
Will you still be around tomorrow? If i'm gone tomorrow....will you cry for me?

Shy shy asked: what is your favourite song? I'll play it for you during your funeral...
I answered: i don't have an answer for it.....i'm such a loser... return, shy shy asked for 3 songs during her funeral....
1. Regina Spektor - The Call
2. Internal Affairs - 'zai jian' (music only)
3. Eva Cassidy or John Lennon (acoustic unplugged) - Imagine

Above is shy shy's what is mine? Maybe its time to give it a thought.....maybe you should do the same before its too late......

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sharks - Abandon Fear

Thanks FOX, i've just watched Sharkwater dvd. Its truely amazing! At one point, i was speechless and dunno what to say...almost went into tears~~

After watching the dvd, i would like to express my gratitue and highest respect to Rob Stewart and Paul Watson.

I guess i will be still be freak out of shark even after watching the dvd...afterall shark is still a predator and they belongs to ocean and we belongs to land. We live in total different world! I am so grateful that i took up scuba least i got better chances to know this 'shy animal' better than those just relying on TVs and medias. I hope.... fear towards shark will be gone....

I'm not sure whether tonight i'm going to sleep well cause my mind now filled with scenes where sharks being hooked and all its fins and tails being cut and dump back to the ocean helplessly and waiting for its death moment. Sometimes we human being are in fact the most cruel creature on Earth.

I think there's nothing significant i can do about this but i will definiely say NO to shark fin. I will try my best to convey this message to all my friends and i hope in future...maybe someday...i can do something and contribute in saving sharks, saving whales, saving the rain forest, saving pandas....or to make it short - saving our planet Earth!

* did i hear someone laughing at my back?? i hope not.........

Friday, 6 June 2008

from grey to green....yes! Dadi you can!

Shy Shy asked: come since u came back from EE ur blog seem to be so grey? Wat's wrong with you?

Dadi answered: Dadi missed EE...Dadi now banished to the reality that need to work...Dadi is frus coz she cant seem to be able to catch up and close the gap....

Anyhow...before the end of that day...Dadi made up her mind that she will turn green from grey...

tadah....this is the green Dadi...tough huh @_@

Thursday, 5 June 2008

so what is next??

Not only i dunno what am i really doing nowadays....i don't even know what is going to happen next...

I was shocked of the increased petrol price to RM2.70 per litre...if u ask me whether i am heavily affected? The answer is yes & no....

I wanted to go diving.....but i dunno when i can do that....

I got exam next week....and i dunno whether i can score the minimum score i need to proceed further with my plans....

I dunno when i can make up the gap...where the additional money i earned can cover the ever increasing necessity and life essential....

Last of all.....i dunno whether things that i hope for is it going to become reality....and i dunno whether things i'm working on whether gonna meet my expectations...

I seriously dunno....what's going to be next.....???

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

what am i doing??

I'm so easily tired and restless nowadays...i couldn't even catch a quality sleep even if i sleep early....

Is it age catching up or i am just too used to easy and relax life earlier on? or is it both?

I find it i dun have enough time for myself and i just need more time for myself...not that everyday i work till 10pm and dont have my personal time....but it just that i dun have time to watch my downloaded movies, i couldn't find time to read my diving magazines, i hardly watch tv on weekdays, i bought a Tibet travel guide book...but havent really flip through it....what am i doing?

Next week will be exam...i'm so not prepared for it...arghh....

yeah...its not early now...and i need to run to bed...zzZzZZzzzz~~~~