Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Recreational Club

Today, officially, i became the committee member for my bank's Recreational Club. I do not consider myself an active person in societies or commitees, especially during school time....but somehow i am excited about it now.

With this new role, i hope if i can promote my favourite sports & activities i.e. scuba diving, photography, rock climbing...etc....rather than those normal stuff like badminton, futsal, bowling...

I guess rock climbing & photograhpy is something realistic...a bit tricky to promote scuba diving...anyhow...i will definitely try by best! Gambateh!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Looking forward to August, for.....

8th August
- 2008 Beijing Olympics!

10th August
- first attempt of half marathon, 22.7km

12th August, every Tuesday, 10pm @ Discovery Channel
- Man vs Wild, my all time favourite reality show
- great show, gives you some ideas of how to survive under extreme conditions

19th August, every Tuesday, 9pm @ Discovery Travel & Living
- America The Wright Way
- this is a new series of travel documentary by famous traveller Ian Wright (u will sure know him if you are a fan of Globe Trekker - I am!)

August gonna be a TV month for sure! :P

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

....into 'golden' era...

Time flies....already 2 months with my new job...
I am slowly... slowly...and eventually will transform to become piece of GOLD!
I am the ninja panda~~~shut shut shut~~ here i am....there i'm gone~~~

Sunday, 13 July 2008

New hobby and a new toy...

I have a new hobby now and I've got myself a new toy..Nikon D60.

Moving forward, I will be actively following my fellow photo enthusiasts friends to different places, snapping nice pictures and of coz to learn from them.

This new toy cost me RM2k.... and i guess the investment amount will eventually increase when my skill improves...coz i will need more canggih accessories by then >.<~

Anyhow....i will try my best to snap as many nice photos as possible....must achieve some kind of reasonable ROI (return of investment) ma~~~

Next thought i have in my mind --> would i still be able to achieve my yearly diving goal with this new hobby?? hrmmm.....

Monday, 7 July 2008

Running for Siemens

Completed my 2nd 10km run for Siemens. Have not been exercising since KLIM @ March. Was a bit worried whether i can complete the 10km run + walk.

Luckily...i managed to did it. Timing wise...improved about 8 minutes i guess :P...that's encouraging though....

So now...its the post syndrome after run lo...muscle cramp, aching...walking like an old lady and craw like a crab now...guess this gonna last for at least 3 days....

Next will be Adidas run...double up...22.7km! Let's see....

Glad that my running buddies increased this time...hope 5 of us can make it for Adidas run next month!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

MIDE 2008

I went Malaysia International Dive Expo a.k.a. MIDE @ PWTC today. Spent almost 5 hours there and i end up with these....

Pelican Dive Torch @ RM155

guess what? I think i only did 6 or 7 night dives max...and this is my 3rd dive torch! 1st dive torch lasted me only 1 1/2 dive. Its an Ikelite torch...dont buy it! 2nd dive torch actually still can be used sometimes...i've dropped it the housing become bit loose and sometimes it might fail have no choice need to look for another primary torch. 2nd torch is an Apollo torch...quality ok la...can buy. I hope my new Pelican dive torch wont disappoints me...

Sport Diving magazine 2 yrs subscription @ RM180

I think this is a real good deal. The subscription package comes with 2 free gifts! An underwater diving torch + surface marker a.k.a. 'sausage'.

Out of the blue...i suddenly got 2 underwater torch now...not bad huh? The sausage is something i would like to buy coz i've lost mine during my last dive trip at Sipadan....that was a brand new sausage and i haven't even launch it that when i think back, it really makes me feel sad. The last trip was an expensive one, not only i lost my sausage, i dropped my 'ding ding' a.k.a pointer and its also the trip that my torch became 'sot sot dei' and cannot be rely on.

By the way, i am RM335 poorer today....