Thursday, 26 August 2010

I am missing M'sia food!

1. Har Mee
2. Asam Laksa
3. Curry Laksa
4. Bagus Teh
5. Kuih Nyonya
6. Wan Tan Mee
7. Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish!
8. Lotus Root Soup
9. Ikan Bakar
10. Pok Pok Noodle


Saturday, 14 August 2010

1 week 'anniversary'

Supposedly going Hahndorf to capture some nice pictures, but the heavy rain in the morning just washed the plan into the drain. Its ok, there's always tomorrow, next week or another day...

Like what I said in FB, time doesn't fly for this matter...its only a week I'm here. It feels like a month for me! I will stop saying that i'm doing Ok and i am not feeling bad towards anything coz i just realised that as soon as i post the earlier blog post, thanking about FB, Skype, MSN & YM...i was immediately being smacked by fate. Internet in my hostel gone head-wire and according to the staff here...this is the first time it happened! So i have spent 2 days in a BOX WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS!

Something to look forward for the coming week...i'll be moving into my permanent accommodation on Monday! It will be another whole new experience as its been a while since i'm sharing accommodation. Will update again...


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I see some blue in the sky today

Thanks to Skype, FB, MSN & in a box seems not the worst thing on Earth. I am not feeling too bad about it now - on day 4.

Out of my own surprise, I've actually walk to a church hoping to meet pastor Ruben; the pastor who gave me a morning call the other day. Luck was not on my side and i didn't manage to meet him during my visit. I didn't check on the church's service time and just made an impromptu visit to the church, found out that its just empty, dark & cold...

However, I was greeted by another quite nice looking pastor though...hahaha....still have a bit of luck huh....and he was really nice & friendly. If I'm not too lazy...i think I'm going to make another visit during their service hour, just to have a hang of it how does it like going to church seeing people singing, interaction, networking and at the same time worshiping.

Oh ya, bank account finally opened...
I've even ask the customer service consultant whether there's any job for me.....hahaha

and...another job application rejection received....will just keep trying le...what to do~~~~~~

Monday, 9 August 2010

a pleasant morning call from a pastor

If I'm lucky, i plan to sleep through the morning so that when i wake up...half a day is gone and i don't need to eat so many meals at the same time.

This morning, i was wake up by a call from a pastor at ~9am. That was really early for me :P
Thanks to Victor for writing a note to Life Church. So the pastor basically just call to check out whether i'm doing ok...whether i need any assistance in particular. It was a nice feeling to know someone you dont know show their care & concern. So...i've promised to drop by the church some time this week and let see if i can meet someone nice and helpful there :)

I only have 2 things to do today. 1) to open a bank account and 2) to drop a letter into the mailbox. How significant my life is huh? Thats all i need to do for the rest of the day! But...even that, i am only manage to complete one of the task. I walked in to a bank expressing my intention to open a bank account and guess what...the service consultant told me that he is rather busy and ask me to come back tomorrow. He doesn't have time for me. So I've made an appointment with him tomorrow to come back. I guess Aussie are just not as hungry as Malaysian...and they are very sure the same customer will walk in again tomorrow...

Other than that, i spent 3 hours walking & wander around the was cool & windy...quite refreshing!

What's next for tomorrow? Church?....

Sunday, 8 August 2010

An interesting conversation on Day 2

My dad gave me 3 interesting options or rather plans...

1. If things work well and I'm lucky enough to get a job quick and settle down. I will get my PR as planned. And i will likely spend the rest of my life in Oz land...this is ideal scenario..

2. If things didnt work to well....go and take up a course or MBA. At least i will go back not empty handed. Of coz in this scenario, PR is out of the question...

3. A message from my mum - go and find a man in Oz, come back with a man...

Of all, i think option 3 is the toughest of all...hahaha. Isn't my parents cool? :P down due to sore throat and fever....bear was saying, at Tibet & M'sia, you were strong like a come now so weak? I guess the answer is that i've been missing my family & friends dearly....and also, i have no fresh air here in my room!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Day 1 OZventure

I'm blessed to be greeted by an extremely friendly and helpful couple (Pam & Tony) at the airport. Pam & Tony
- gave me all the information i've require in order to ease and speed up my settle down progress
- carry my over 40kgs baggage (they are both above 60 yrs old)
- drive all the way from Victor Harbour (90km from airport) as early as 3am just to pick up a girl from foreign country that they have no idea who she is

I'm a free thinker but i would like to thank God for to have taken care of me on this day - 6th Aug 2010!

I've spent the first day to check out my future 'permanent' accommodation. It was neat and is rather small but that is none issue for me. Further that, checked in to my temporary accommodation at Adelaide Internation House (a hostel located at Adelaide CBD). The room is in a decent size. Basic & clean but unfortunately without a window for me to get a taste of fresh air. I feel that i'm in a prison cell....sob~

When wandering around Chinatown area. Adelaide Chinatown looks the same to me, it doesn't change much since my last visit on Sept'2009.

Remaining of the day, i spent it on bed...was dead tired as i didnt manage to get a good nap on board. And my head was overloaded with information too....

I think i'm going to spend the 2nd day resting too..maybe will explore the other side of the city...

It's only first day...and i've started to miss my family & friends dearly....
Today is a long day...the day after tomorrow will be even longer....
Hang it on there, Fruit!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Given choices...

I wouldn't want to choose; simply becoz..
I am not a good decision maker...i suck
I tend to make impulsive wrong move...
I scared...